Why Encourage?

Encouragement Benefits All

Rewarding success sees the high flyers getting praise whilst everyone else who was part of the process goes unnoticed. This divides the team. Whilst the few celebrate, resentment grows in the majority.

It’s a different story when everyone’s skills and contribution to successful outcomes are recognised. Encouragement at the toughest part of the process helps overcome barriers, develops confidence and builds a strong team spirit.

By learning the language of encouragement, the entire team becomes equipped to support each other. Every individual becomes more approachable and this leads to a positive workplace atmosphere which employees want to be part of. Positivity and open communication impact on other aspects of the business including customer service, process efficiency and the generation of creative ideas.

Our training equips your leaders with the skills needed to operate a Culture of Encouragement. When put into practice, this will filter through your team and your company will reap the rewards.

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Allow me to share these testimonials, which have encouraged me through my career:

“If you are looking for a business coach to inspire and motivate you, then Amy is the woman you should hire. She thinks creatively about how you can approach your business issues and is constantly encouraging, while also remaining realistic and practical in her approach. She'll push you to work outside of your comfort zone, which brings great business growth, and keeps you focussed on your goals.” Emma Dandy, Wealth Manager

“I cannot recommend Amy highly enough. Her integrity, creativity and desire to help people be the best they can be is infectious. As part of her Marlow Coaching Group I met a group of people who have become an extended team and Amy provides thought-provoking, motivating and clear coaching facilitation. It is an absolute pleasure knowing and working with her.” Danielle Stroud, Business Development

“Amy’s coaching is inspiring and motivational and her style of coaching is supportive, relaxing and encouraging. Through working with Amy, I am moving my business strongly towards success and I am focused on achieving my dreams and goals. I selected Amy as my coach due to her energy and insightfulness. She has a warmth about her that makes her almost shine and she makes you feel that anything is possible. I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a first class coach.” Cath Friend, Emerald Frames